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This program teaches Modern Postural Yoga using a comparative approach. Unlike many teacher trainings currently available, we examine philosophy and yoga practices from a comparative viewpoint by examining how different yoga styles approach the practice and how the practice has been interpreted over time. This program is not designed to teach you a physical practice. Students should have an established asana practice of any tradition upon entry, as this program supplements and enhances your understanding of asana through biomechanics, philosophy, and contextual history.

What does Upama mean?

In medieval grammar and literary texts, the Sanskrit word upama means comparison or the literary figure of a simile. By setting a subject of comparison, or upameya in Sanskrit, beside an object, or upamana, the observer is able to gain greater knowledge and perspective by identifying similarities and differences.

It is this principle that is the foundation of our program. Over thousands of years many different views on yoga emerged, particularly as yoga began to be exposed to Western influences in the 19th century. It is easy to get lost in the diverse and complicated world of Modern Postural Yoga as it is currently practiced in the US. Over the course of the program we will continually compare and contrast these practices and examine their respective contexts so that each student may better understand their own practice in relation to Yoga as a greater whole.

People perceive the same object differently, as each person's perception follows a separate path from another's./ But the object is not dependent on either of those perceptions; if it were, what would happen to it when nobody was looking? (Yoga Sutras, translated by Chip Hartranft 4.15-16)

As our students become teachers themselves, this grounding in a variety of disciplines will help them:

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